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Wilton Manors Golf Cart, along with our several rental delivery locations – the list can be found at the bottom of any page -, is pleased to announce the launch of, which features all of our golf cart enclosures that we have available for sale, for several different brands of golf carts, with options for 2 passenger carts, 4 passenger carts, and 6 passenger carts. Currently, we have enclosures available for Advanced EV/Icon® golf carts, Evolution 4 passenger golf carts, Bintelli Beyond golf carts, and America EV Mokee golf carts. In the future, we will be adding more golf cart enclosures to our inventory, but for now, the enclosures we have available are mostly available in black, with some also available in white and tan.

Our many brands of golf cart enclosure are made from a high quality, UV-resistant fabric that can stand up to the toughest of circumstances. All of our enclosures have high tear and tensile strength, with excellent cleanability and abrasion resistance. Not only are they water proof and weather proof, they are also fire retardant and rot resistant, ensuring many years of protection for your golf cart and its passengers. Getting caught in the rain on the golf course or on the road will no longer be a problem with our golf cart enclosure. Not only does it keep water off the cart, you, and your passengers, you’ll stay warm inside the enclosure when the winter season approaches.

Advanced EV Enclosure

The Advanced EV golf cart enclosures are made specifically to fit Advanced EV and Icon® golf carts, ensuring a secure fit. Zippers on all doors make it easy for drivers and passengers to enter and exit, and when not in use, the enclosure can be rolled up to the edge of the roof. When it’s time to use it again, it can then be rolled back down, zipped back together, and closed again. The Icon® and Advanced EV golf cart enclosure does not feature a plastic windshield window, as the enclosure attaches to the windshield posts. This allows for maximum visibility.

We have the 2 passenger, 4 passenger (for carts with two seats facing forwards and two back rear flip seats), and 6 passenger enclosures for Advanced EV and Icon® carts, including an Advanced EV 4 passenger golf cart enclosure that fits Icon® and Advanced EV golf carts with four forward facing seats. It does not fit the Advanced EV Advent model, or Icon® or Advanced EV utility carts.

Order your Advanced EV/Icon® enclosure at Prime Cart Parts!

Read more about Advanced EV golf carts on our main website.

Evolution Golf Cart Enclosures

The first of its kind for the current best golf cart in the industry! This black enclosure is made for the Evolution 4 passenger golf cart, and covers all sides to protect from wind and rain. The sides can unzip and roll up, just like any golf cart enclosure can, and completely cover the back seats as well as the driver and passenger side. Evolution golf carts come street legal with a 17-digit VIN, with all necessary safety features of a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV), meaning they can be driven on any roads 35mph or less. This enclosure is completely safe for street use, and does not compromise safety by obstructing vision, with its clear windows offering high visibility.

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Order your Evolution enclosure at Prime Cart Parts!

Read more about Evolution golf carts on our main website.

Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart Enclosures

On Prime Cart Parts, you can find many Bintelli Beyond golf carts available for sale, as well as a black rain enclosure for the 4 and 6 passenger models. NOTE: This enclosure is for the Bintelli Beyond, not the Bintelli Nemesis. Bintelli Beyond carts are also street ready, meaning they have all the safety features necessary to become certified as a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV), and only need to be registered, where they can then receive a tag and title. As with the Evolution enclosure, the Bintelli Beyond enclosure is safe for street use and has large clear plastic windows for great visibility anywhere it is driven.

Bintelli Beyond 4 Passenger Enclosure Bintelli Beyond 6 Passenger Enclosure
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Order your Bintelli Beyond enclosure at Prime Cart Parts!

Read more about Bintelli Beyond golf carts on our main website.

America EV Mokee Enclosure

Our own golf cart company, America EV, runs out of our main location in Riviera Beach, FL, where we build unique, custom golf carts from the ground up, using high-quality, strictly inspected brand new parts. Along with the different golf carts we build, we also offer a black enclosure for our Mokee 4 passenger golf cart, which covers the top of the cart as well as the sides, and allows maximum visibility and protection from weather and rain.

golf cart enclosures, advanced ev golf cart enclosure, evolution golf cart enclosure

Order your America EV Mokee enclosure at Prime Cart Parts!

Read more about Mokee golf carts and others from America EV, such as the California Roadster and 39 Roadster, on our America EV website.

If you are interested in any of the golf cart enclosures we have available, or have questions about a particular enclosure, such as if your cart will be compatible, call 954-826-0632, or use our contact form to get in touch with us directly.

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